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Liquidation Pallet of 12.9"-39"s, Camera Accessories and Phone Accessories, Pallet-AX

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A liquidation pallet containing the following:
12.9"-39"s, Camera Accessories, Phone Accessories, Power Devices, Lights, Accessories, Cameras, Home Goods, Drones.

All items are in an untested condition and may or may not work. See a detailed manifest below.

22x - onn. 12.9"-39" Wireless Selfie Stick, Camera Accessory, Model: 100029445, Color: Black - MSRP: $69.99
20x - Vivitar Universal SD and Micro SD Card Reader, Camera Accessory, Model: MOV416-WHT, Color: White - MSRP: $24.99
17x - Vivitar Selfie Stick Tripod Wireless Dual LED Lights, Phone Accessory, Model: VIV2L36, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.88
13x - onn. 17.8"-52" Tripod with Smartphone Cradle, Camera Accessory, Model: 100029434, Color: Black - MSRP: $24.53
12x - onn. Multi-Port USB Hub with SD Card Reader, Camera Accessory, Model: ONN-RW-7200-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $28.99
11x - onn. SD, microSD and CompactFlash Card Reader, Camera Accessory, Model: ONN-CR-72-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.99
11x - onn. 24"-67" Tripod with Smartphone Cradle, Camera Accessory, Model: 100029437, Color: Black - MSRP: $45.29
7x - onn. USB Multi-Connector Cable 3 ft, Power, Model: 10029447, Color: Black - MSRP: $18.44
6x - Vivitar Creator Series 18" Ring Light Set, 18, Light, Model: VIV18RLPRO, Color: Black - MSRP: $49.98
6x - Vivitar Type C 6 in 1 USB Aluminum Hub Card reader, Accessory, Model: VIVRW7320-NOC, Color: Silver - MSRP: $24.88
5x - onn. Tabletop Mini-tripod 5.5", Phone Accessory, Model: 100029442, Color: Black - MSRP: $12.84
5x - Vivitar Studio Mic USB with Built-in Ambient Noise Cancelation, Accessory, Model: VMICRGB02, Color: Black - MSRP: $39.98
5x - Vivitar Pro 4K Digital Camcorder, 3, Camera, Model: DVR4K-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $139.99
4x - onn. SD and microSD Card Reader, Camera Accessory, Model: ONN-RW-7100-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $10.88
4x - onn. 12" Flexible Mini-Tripod, Camera Accessory, Model: 100029440, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.98
4x - Polaroid Action Camera Lifestyle, 2, Camera, Model: iD757-RED, Color: Red/White - MSRP: $39
4x - Vivitar HDMI to USB VIdeo Capture Card Creator Series, Accessory, Model: VIVRW7310, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.98
4x - Vivitar Photo Frame 6" x7.5", Home Good, Model: VIVFA200-NOC, Color: White - MSRP: $9.88
3x - Vivitar Mini Photo Frames 3 pack 2.1"x3.4", Home Good, Model: VIVFA300-NOC, Color: Silver - MSRP: $9.88
3x - Vivitar Motorized 360º Auto-Follow Phone Stand, Camera, Model: VMTSP01-BLK, NA, Color: Black - MSRP: $39.98
3x - Vivitar 2 in 1 Vlogging Desk Lamp, Light, Model: PCL001-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $9.88
2x - Vivitar Pistol Grip Tripod, Phone Accessory, Model: VIVVT4KIT1-NOC, Color: Black - MSRP: $6.96
2x - Vivitar Smartphone Stabilizer Pan and Tilt Controld with 3-Axis Stabilization, Phone Accessory, Model: VGIMPRO3-BLK, NA, Color: Black - MSRP: $59
2x - Vivitar Vlog and Podcast Essentials Sunset Lamp, Camera Accessory, Model: VIVSL500, Color: Black - MSRP: $16.87
1x - onn. 22 Pieces Action Camera Accessory Kit, Camera Accessory, Model: 100029449, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.88
1x - onn. 6 ft HDMI Multi-Connector Cable, Power, Model: 100029476, Color: Black - MSRP: $10.99
1x - onn. Tripod 23.5"-66", Camera Accessory, Model: 100001265, Color: Black - MSRP: $39.98
1x - Polaroid Digital Camera 16MP Waterproof Camera, 2.4, Camera, Model: IS049-TEAL, Color: Teal - MSRP: $39.99
1x - Vivitar 18" Full color Ring light Creator Series, Light, 18, Model: V18RGBRL, Color: Black - MSRP: $19.99
1x - Vivitar Action Camera 4k Dual-Screen, 2, Camera, Model: DVR922HD-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $99.95
1x - Vivitar 4K Ultra HD Action Camera Kit Dual Screen with Wifi Bonus Battery, Camera, 2, Model: DVR923, Color: Black - MSRP: $58.22
1x - Vivitar SkyView V2 Drone, Model: DRC889-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $141.55
1x - Vivitar Studio Light Pocket Powerful home studio and On-the-go LED Lighting, Light, Model: VLEDRGB126-BLK, Color: Black - MSRP: $39.98

Total MSRP for this pallet: $6518.97
Total weight for this pallet: 329.25lbs

Manifest may have some discrepancies.

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